Darren Burns For Delegate

  • Focused on Today's Challenges.
  • Committed to Prioritized Spending.
  • Dedicated to Responsible Government.
  • Faithful to Our Unique Natural Resources.
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About Darren Burns

Darren Burns is your Republican candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates from District 30A, and he looks forward to your vote of confidence in the Primary Election on June 26, 2018.

Darren was born and raised in Anne Arundel County. He and his wife are raising their family here, too. Having spent nearly all of his professional life in the Annapolis area, Darren is well-versed in State and local issues. While this is his first time seeking public office, Darren has the right professional and personal background to bring a rational, common sense approach to representing our community’s interests in the General Assembly. As an attorney who has worked on legislative matters from public education to construction and represented clients in the courts for over 25 years, Darren has experience with the law-making process. He understands the need to balance policy goals with constituents’ varying interests and has enough life experience to know when adding another law or regulation isn't necessarily the answer. Darren’s work with school systems here and across the state over the past two decades has also prepared him to understand the complexities of how major government enterprises function, how they are funded, and how they can be improved.



Ready For New Leadership

Focused on Today's Challenges

The challenges that residents of District 30A face are as diverse and varied as our communities, but several are front and center right now: addressing gun violence and school security; renewing investment in transportation and other public infrastructure; enhancing resources for behavioral and mental healthcare and for preventing/treating opioid abuse; and ensuring the continued economic well-being of our community.

Committed to Prioritized Spending

We must work to fund worthy education, public safety, and recreation programs, but we can’t just default to raising taxes. There has to be a proper balance between economic development, redevelopment and measured growth, on the one hand, and preserving our quality of life in Annapolis and Arundel County on the other.

Dedicated to Responsible Government

Responsible public policy must promote—or at the very least, not discourage—business and employment opportunities, while adhering to sound taxation and budgeting practices. Elected officials need to listen to those who work on these issues every day and include their creative ideas and energies in our solutions.

Faithful to Our Unique Natural Resources

Beyond mere geography, this area’s identity is uniquely connected to the Chesapeake Bay and the Severn, Magothy, and South Rivers. This means matters affecting the health and use of our waters will always be important, and Maryland must take the lead on this, regionally and federally.

Authority: Darren Burns for Delegate, William S. Franey, Treasurer

Darren Burns for Delegate
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